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All of Mark's keynote speeches (whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid) are customized to your unique audience.  And other topics are available beyond what's listed here.


Hundred Percenters: Leadership That Inspires Greatness & Extraordinary Achievement

How many employees feel inspired to give their best effort at work? Research shows that only a third of people are truly inspired to give their best effort. But, with the science-driven leadership that Mark teaches audiences, most employees can be inspired to passionately give 100% effort every day! In this session, audiences learn why people who set difficult goals are up to 75% more fulfilled, the 3-Part Coaching Conversation that teaches every employee how to move from good to great, how to flip the ‘Self-Awareness Switch’ so every employee instantly knows whether their performance could be even better, 2 sentences that helps every employee see their untapped potential, 3 signs that your leadership style is too tough, and much more!

The Secrets Of Leading Remote Employees

A whopping 72% of leaders admit that they haven’t received the necessary skills to successfully manage remote and hybrid employees. And that’s because remote employees challenge leaders’ abilities to trust and empower, and remoteness requires a drastically different approach to managing worker productivity and accountability. But when remote/hybrid work is done right, a majority of employees say their productivity, creativity, mental health, and even work relationships are better! In this session, Mark teaches audiences the practical science of leading remote and hybrid employees, including which personality types thrive working remotely, 3 mindset shifts that leaders must make for remote teams, how to transmit your culture and values when people are remote, 2 keys to keeping remote employees accountable and productive, and a powerful conversation that keeps remote employees connected and engaged.

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Solving Employee Burnout With Resilience And Optimism

Only 25% of employees are currently thriving emotionally, 
and 71% of leaders expect that high performers are going to quit because of burnout. But optimistic employees are 103% more inspired to give their best effort at work! So in this session, Mark goes way beyond catchy phrases about 
‘staying positive’ and instead teaches audiences the 
science-driven techniques for building Resilience and 
Optimism to solve employee burnout, skyrocket employee 
engagement, retain star employees, and attract high 
performers. Audiences learn the 3-part daily exercise that 
immediately reduces burnout and boosts resilience, the 4-
part script for Retention Interviews, the 4-part Optimism 
Exercise to help every employee discover hidden reasons to feel optimistic, 3 powerful tools for predicting the burnout and quitting risk of employees, 7 words that employees say when they’re at a burnout breaking point, and more.


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Dennis Hoffman

Founder & CEO Engage USA

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