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Logistical Info


Mark travels from Atlanta, GA


Wireless lavaliere microphone
LCD projector
Screen for projection
Audio capabilities
Riser in front of the room for more than 50 participants
One small table off to the side of the front of the room for presentation materials
Room set-up preference: rounds with 6 participants per table

INTRODUCTION (to be read as written):

Get ready to ignite your passion, transform your mindset and influence others effectively. Our prolific speaker today leads one of the world’s largest leadership studies and he is sharing his powerful strategies with us today.


Yes, he is New York Times bestselling author, Senior Contributor to Forbes, while appearing on CNN, ABC’s 20/20 along with Fox Business News to name a few.


He infuses a unique blend of science, practical skills with his charismatic style of speaking leaving you wanting more. 


Please welcome our compelling speaker today, Mark Murphy.

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