Mark's Popular Keynote Topics

All of Mark's keynote speeches (whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid) are customized to your unique audience.  And other topics are available beyond what's listed here.

Skyrocketing Employee Engagement In Stressful Times

Here’s a terrifying statistic: Only 28% of employees love their job! Think about what that means for your ability to retain employees, keep them performing at a high level, prevent them from disengaging and becoming bitter or negative.  (And with Glassdoor and social media, do you really want disengaged people talking about your company in a negative way? How much will your company suffer when your best people start quitting and talking badly?). There are simple activities you can undertake today that will drastically increase your employee engagement.  Given how simple these steps are, there’s really no excuse for not increasing employee engagement!

Hundred Percenters: Leadership That Inspires Greatness

In this session, Mark will reveal new research from more than 500,000 employees and leaders on the best leadership style for inspiring employees to passionately give 100% effort every day. Based on Mark's New York Times Bestselling book Hundred Percenters, Mark will cover how to inspire employees with Challenge, Connection, HARD Goals, Accountability, and more.

Hard Goals: The Science Of Extraordinary Achievement

People who set HARD goals are up to 75% more fulfilled than people with easy goals. And they achieve much bigger results!  Based on the bestselling book HARD Goals, Mark explains the science behind getting from where you are to where you want to be in your career, business and life. Leadership IQ studied nearly 5,000 workers from virtually every field. Mark will illustrate how success - and the intense satisfaction it brings - comes from knowing how to set goals that are Heartfelt, Animated, Required and Difficult.

The Science of Managing Remote Employees

Having remote employees should be a huge advantage—you get the best talent from all over the world, you don’t pay for relocation or office space, AND research shows that remote employees work harder than in-office employees!  So why do companies struggle with remote employees? It’s because many of the leadership techniques you use inside the office simply don’t work with remote employees. And a whopping 72% of leaders admit that they don’t have the necessary skills to successfully manage hybrid and remote employees!


The Science Of Employee Recognition

Gone are the days when you could give employees a few trinkets and expect that they’ll immediately be inspired. In this session, Mark teaches the science of employee recognition (using psychology and behavioral economics) and gives audiences practical low-cost solutions to recognize and inspire employees. Audiences will learn the psychological bias that is causing leaders to not compliment high performers enough and how to overcome it, the 3-part recognition script for giving quick and easy positive reinforcement to your employees, new trends in employee recognition, and more.


The Blueprint For Increasing Resilience & Optimism

The only way to keep employees motivated and productive is to build their ‘psychological muscles’ with Resilience & Optimism.   But catchy phrases about ‘staying positive’ are NOT enough! So your audience will get the blueprint of the actions, tools and exercises to make immediate improvements in your employees’ resilience and optimism.  Resilience & Optimism are PSYCHOLOGICAL MUSCLES…and Mark gives you the specific routine to help them grow and develop!