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"Mark Murphy's keynotes give audiences the science and skills to engage 
employees, end burnout, and inspire more high performers!"

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What Keeps 
Executives Up At Night? Here's 
What The Research Shows:

Mark Murphy leads one of the world’s largest studies on the science of 
leadership, and the research shows that these are three of the biggest 
stressors facing top executives today...

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Mark's Books

THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER!  The groundbreaking guide to inspiring 100% 
performance from employees--updated with expanded research findings

In this new edition of his guide to unleashing employees' full potential, Mark 
Murphy explains why true employee motivation is not achieved by focusing on 
making your people "happy."

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"Executives and leaders love Mark's speeches because he delivers a unique blend of science, 
instantly practical skills, and
a charismatic speaking style!"

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Mark's Keynote 

Speech Topics Include:

Hundred Percenters: Leadership That Inspires Greatness 
& Extraordinary Achievement

How many employees feel inspired to give their best effort at work? Research shows that only a third of people are truly inspired to give their best effort. But, with the science-driven leadership that Mark teaches audiences, most employees can be inspired to passionately give 100%.

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